Privacy Policy

14th June 2008 Revision / IPS Inc. / Kouji Miyashita (Chairman)

IPS Inc. (known hereafter as “the company”) respects the privacy of those (hereafter referred to as “users”) who use the site “pinoylife” (hereafter to be referred to as “the company service”). The personal data of the user will be administered using the utmost care.

1. Personal Data

Personal data is, the individual’s name, date of birth, age, gender, address, telephone number, family make-up, interests, tastes, electronic mail address, ID, IP address and time stamp, workplace, department, workplace address, workplace telephone number, credit card number, bank account number, visited website data, complaints, consultations and enquiries etc. With one of some of these items or by combining two or more of these items it could be possible to identify specific individuals.

2. Aim of using Personal Data

The company collects personal data for the purposes listed below.

  1. In order to provide the company service
  2. In order to bill users for using paid services
  3. In order to contact the user and to introduce products and services as well as to send presents etc.
  4. The users age, profession, gender, interests, tastes etc. are combined to create customized pages on the company service to deliver targeted advertising.
  5. In order to assist with the development of new and improved services in the company service.
  6. In order to prevent use of the company service that is in violation of its terms of use.
  7. In order to produce anonymous statistical data relating to the company service.
3. Restrictions on Aims of Use

The company only uses the personal data it collects within the parameters of its aims of use. In instances where personal data is collected that falls outside the parameters of the aims of use, the user will be asked for consent before it is used. However, the following instances are not covered by this restriction.

  1. Instances of judicial order.
  2. Instances where it is necessary in order to protect a person’s life, body or assets, and it is difficult to receive the consent.
  3. Instances where issues of public health, and child welfare are threatened, and it is difficult to receive the consent.
  4. Instances where it is necessary to cooperate with the relevant authorities, national institutions or regional public bodies following judicial order, and in order to receive consent from the individual in question would present an impediment, or threaten to impede that office’s conduct of its work.
4. Data Collection
  1. The company will collect data according to legal and fair methods, and never obtain data in an unfair manner contrary to the intentions of the user.
  2. In instances where the company obtains data indirectly, we will confirm with the provider that the data was obtained fairly.
5. Notifications of Aims of Use at the Time of Data Collection

The company, at the time it collects personal data provide an official notification to make clear its aims of use. Should the aims of use change, the user will also receive an official notification of the changes.

6. Appropriate Protection of Personal Data

The company will take measure to ensure that is has accurate and up-to-date personal information of the user. Furthermore, the company will take appropriate security measure in its administration of that data.

7. Management of Trusted Partners

There are instances when the company entrusts its collected personal data with others. In these cases, a basic contract is agreed with the trustee of the personal data and all necessary due care and diligence is observed.

8. Supply of Personal Data to Third Parties

As a general rule, the company will not supply the user’s personal data to third parties without the user’s agreement. Specific contents may be supplied to specific persons only in cases where the user’s consent has been given. The following are exceptions not bound by the user’s consent.

  1. Where the company’s trusted partner, on behalf of the company sends direct mails, electronic mails and information by other methods, and provides other services.
  2. In instances where it is necessary for the company’s trusted partner, on behalf of the company to provide after service and individual services.
  3. For the purposes of producing statistical data, personal data may be accumulated, analyzed and rendered anonymous before being disclosed as statistical data.
  4. For the purposes of charging users that are using paid services, the personal data of the user may be entrusted to the company’s trusted partners such as payment system companies, credit card companies and banks (with a confidentiality contract in place).
  5. In instances where presents etc. are sent, the user’s personal data may be shared with delivery companies.
  6. In instances where judicial order demands disclosure or permission for sharing.
9. Disclosure of Personal Data

Where the user himself makes a request to have his personal data disclosed to himself the company will do so without delay. However, in the following circumstances, all or part of the data will not be disclosed.

  1. In instances where there is a fear of damage to life, body, assets or rights of the user in question or a third party.
  2. In instances where a considerable impediment to the fair operation of the company’s business or the fear of such an impediment is present.
  3. Where a violation of laws is thought to have occurred.
10. Procedure for Corrections and Cessation of use of Personal Data

In instances where the company receives a request from the user to correct, supplement, delete and cease using his personal data, the company will comply within a reasonable timeframe once confirmation of the user’s identity has been established.

11. Exceptions

In the following instances of collecting personal data from third parties the company accepts no liability.

  1. In instances where the user himself has made his personal data available either to a function of the company service or by other means to a third party.
  2. In instances where the user, by entering personal data becomes inadvertently identifiable.
12. Use of Statistical Data

The company may produce anonymous statistical data based on the user data it collects. There shall be no restrictions placed on the use of this anonymous statistical data by the company.

13. Use of Cookies etc.
  1. When the user accesses the company or it’s partner’s service and views a page, the user’s IP address, cookie data, viewed adverts, pages, and the users settings etc. will be automatically received from the browser and recorded on our server.
  2. For the purposes of developing new services and better targeting the existing service and adverts to each user, gender, profession, age, pages and adverts viewed, time of use, method of use and use settings etc. may be used.
  3. For the purposes of establishing for our sponsors and content providers which adverts, information and services etc. are effective in their publication and presentation, we may analyze user data, and may for the purpose of this analysis extract a sample from the target survey. Data that can be used to identify specific individuals will not be included in the analysis results.
  4. There are instances when certain advertisements published on the company’s site will redirect to a third party’s business. Where the third parties cookies are set-up, data may be logged by their server, and this third party’s privacy policy comes into effect.
14. Privacy Policy Revisions

The company may revise all or part of its privacy policy.
Major revisions will be announced on the site.

15. Enquiries

Please direct any inquiries regarding personal data to Contact Us link.