Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PinoyLife.Jp website?
PinoyLife.Jp is a free PC and mobile-enabled Community Portal site created by a Japanese company for Filipinos in Japan. PinoyLife.Jp (PL) focuses on providing free services like local news, vacant Jobs, affordable apartments, online shopping, guide on everyday living in Japan. Pinoylife has Forum section which allows to connect with fellow "Kababayans" also called as "KaTambayers" and share ideas and photos to different types of people from all walks-of-life. For more inquiries, click here.
2. What is PinoyLife Forum?
Pinoylife Forum was an SNS (Social Networking Site) portal focused on blogging and creating communities for Filipinos living in Japan. This feature is no longer available.
3. What is Packet Hodai?
Packet Hodai (pake-hodai) means Unlimited Packet Transmission service. We recommend you to subscribe to this service on your Mobile Carrier to enjoy more of PinoyLife features. You can inquire about this service to your Mobile Carrier (NTT DoCoMo, KDDI AU, Softbank, Vodafone) nearest you.
4.My PC has no Sky Hodai / Unlimited Internet. Am I charged of extra fee?
For PC Users, you may choose to subscribe to Sky Hodai or Unlimited Packet Transmission or not. This depends on the packet transmission connection on how frequent you use PinoyLife.
5.Will I pay if I read News?
PinoyLife website provides FREE services to all Members. Just register as Reader User or as Forum Member and you can now avail of these FREE features.
6.How to look for a job?
PinoyLife has Job Opportunities section where high-paying jobs are offered. From Home page , click the Job section for listings. To view Job details, you need to login as Reader User or Forum Member.
7.I cannot see/read the details of News or Jobs?
To enjoy PinoyLife features like reading local news articles, search for jobs and places to stay.
8.How to search for specific job, houses or news articles?
Use the Keyword Search box to customize your search in PinoyLife. From News, Jobs and Housing pages, use categories or areas pulldown boxes to narrow down your searching. You may also type a phrase from the Keyword box and click the Search button. To see details of your search result, you need to login as Reader User or Forum Member.
9.I want to post advertisement to PinoyLife site, how to do it?
For inquiries about advertising, please send E-mail to ad(atmark) or call 03-3549-7636 Customer Support. Visit the URL (this page is in 日本語).
10.I have inquiries, how can I contact PinoyLife?
You can call our Customer Support Hotline Toll Free +813-3549-7627 or send E-mail to jinzai(atmark)
11.If there are PinoyLife campaigns/promos, please tell how to join?
PinoyLife Promos/Campaigns are posted on the website, for details please see the related Campaign Ad.
12.In Pinoy Gazette, there was a PinoyLife flyer and I saw my friend's photo there, how is my Photo be published too in your flyer? And how can I get a copy of Pinoy Gazette?
Occasionally, PinoyLife Flyers are published on Pinoy Gazette newspapers to update events and What's New features. If you are a member of PinoyLife Forum, you may post a comment on our Blog related to the newly published flyer to request for your Profile photo to be published on the next PinoyLife flyer. PinoyGazette newspaper is circulated every two weeks all over Japan. To inquire , please call 03-3549-7627 or send e-mail to ad(atmark)
13.How can I get help on Technical Support?
You may read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or send E-mail to jinzai(atmark) for other inquiries.
14.How can I have/read Pinoy Gazette newspaper online?
Click here to read Pinoy Gazette newspaper to access online. To receive one of these copies, you may contact the Media Department at +813-3549-7627 or send e-mail to ad(atmark)
15.Is it allowed to sell to PinoyLife Forum?
Introducing sales of any kind by Forum members is strictly PROHIBITED. Kindly read the Terms of Use - Article 13 Prohibitions.
16.Can I access PL from the Philippines?
For PC Users, you may access the PL website from anywhere in the world by accessing the URL