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DFA: Be wary of claims from orgs/individuals to facilitate passport processing for Hajj

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Tuesday reminded the public to be extra vigilant against claims from any organization or individual to facilitate passport processing in time for Hajj.

“It is generally advised that Hajj participants apply for regular passport at least one year before the pilgrimage to ensure that the travel document is ready and on hand at the time of travel,” it said in a statement.

Hajj participants may apply for regular passport at any DFA consular office after securing a valid online appointment and completion of documentary requirements. They may also avail of courtesy lane facility if they qualify.

The DFA said only holders of Philippine passports will be accepted for Hajj processing by Saudi authorities.

The department also informed the public that it would not hesitate to take the necessary lawful action against organizations or individuals violating the provisions of the Philippine Passport Act.

“Time and again, the DFA has taken swift administrative investigations on the heels of passport validations in the past and is more determined to ensure that those responsible shall be held accountable for their ill actions,” it added.

Leslie D. Venzon/PNA