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20 Western Visayas SUCs seek tuition hike

Twenty state universities and colleges (SUC) from Western Visayas have sought approval for their proposed tuition increase this coming school year, according to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) here.

CHED 6 Chief Education Program Specialist Dr. Rex Casiple said that 20 schools submitted for compliance for their tuition hike within the deadline set by CHED on February 15 and was extended until March 15.

The increase on tuition will be based on the 1.8 inflation rate of the region. Schools that submitted for intention of tuition increase are still in “status quo” until CHED’s central office will approve their application.

He also added that the schools were only allowed to increase tuition up to the set inflation rate except when the school administration could justify and the application would be subject to appeal and the central office could only decide.

Requirements for application includes certificate of consultation with the name of participating student leaders and members of student organization, certificate of compliance, certificate of intended compliance, schedule of fees, copy of announcement for consultation, and minutes of consultation.

He further stated that only schools that would be able to comply with the needed requirements and documents would be subject for final approval.

CHED on Monday will join the ASEAN Assembly for Higher Education that will be simultaneously broadcast through Facebook Live in 10 ASEAN countries.

Ma. Leonora E. Estanque and Angelica G. Punsalan WVSU-OJT/PNA