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Carabaos battle in festival race

At least 14 sporty carabaos have joined the race during the Karera ng mga Kalabaw, a part of the city’s Gawagaway-yan Festival on April 3 at the Hacienda San Luis in this city.

The carabaos led by their owners got cheers from a thousand villagers who witnessed the 700-meter-long race.

In half-a-minute, farmer Julio Carag’s carabao crossed the finish line ahead of the others to pocket the PHP5,000 cash and tokens. Others won runners-up and consolation prizes.

Aside from the race, other carabaos were also dressed up and toured around as fashion models in the best dressed carabaos or Pintados, another festival’s gimmick.

The winning carabao wore a hat, aside from having a colorful dress.

The twin events marked Gawagaway-yan Festival in this city with hot air balloon riding, kite flying, street dancing, grand float parade, sports competition, agro-trade fair, and cultural show in this city.

Mayor Bernard Faustino Dy said the festival coincided with the city’s 16th founding anniversary.

Gawagaway-yan means good harvest and joyous gathering.(PNA) VILLAMOR VISAYA JR