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GM crops can help PHL meet nutritional requirements -- nutritionist

Genetically-modified crops can help the Philippines meet its nutritional requirements, said visiting nutritionist Dr. Milton Stokes, director of Monsanto's Global Health and Nutrition Outreach.

At a press briefing in Sulo Hotel on Tuesday, Stokes said there were more than 75 different studies conducted to demonstrate each new GMO and at least 90 government bodies that reviewed and approved the products.

He said crops like the golden rice which has beta-carotene biosynthesis genes to combat Vitamin A Deficiency can help prevent 1 to 2 million deaths and 500,000 cases of irreversible blindness annually.

Contrary to claims of GMO critics, Stokes said it has been 30 years since GMO crops have been researched and developed, which indicates those are just as safe as crops developed through traditional breeding.

"GM crops are also the most studied crops which explains its record of safety," he said. "On the average, a GMO crop takes 13 years and USD130 million of research and development before it gets into the market."

The Philippines is working on corns as GMO crops which was approved in 2002 and made available in the local market in 2003. (PNA) BNB/JMC/Ma. Jessa Mae Estomo (OJT)