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Jeppesen partners with Bad Elf for quick flight data updates

Jeppesen, a subsidiary of US aerospace giant Boeing Company (Boeing), is teaming up with aviation hardware and software provider Bad Elf to simplify flight data updates via mobile technology accessible through an iPhone or iPad.

Boeing said in a statement Monday that Jeppesen has entered into a new strategic alliance with Bad Elf to establish a wireless data transfer system for aircraft owners and operators to update avionics data using the Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) technology.

Bad Elf has recently released its Bad Elf Wombat portable dataloading/downloading accessory, which is a wireless data transfer system.

JDM enables downloading updates via an iOS device for avionics that use Jeppesen databases, without having to carry a data card to an Internet-connected computer.

Wombat is used to download flight and engine logs that can be shared with apps and services such as CloudAhoy and SavvyAnalysis, the world's most popular and sophisticated platform for analyzing engine monitor data.

"Previously, many aircraft operators needed to update data cards offsite, which often meant working a long distance from their aircraft due to a dependency on traditional landline PC technology," said Mike Abbott, director of Jeppesen Data Solutions, Product & Portfolio Management.

He added that Jeppesen's partnership with Bad Elf allows most general and business aviation customers to use JDM Mobile and the Wombat device to wirelessly update essential charts and data from the aircraft's cockpit.

Bad Elf CEO John Cunningham said that with Wombat, pilots could easily collect flight and engine logs for analysis using several partner apps and services in order to simplify what would otherwise be a tedious task of collating flight data.

PNA / Xinhua