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132 loose firearms to be turned-over to military in Sulu

A total of 132 loose firearms, including mortars and other high-powered weapons, will be turned over to the military here on Tuesday.

Brig. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana, commander of the Joint Task Force Sulu, told Philippine News Agency the turnover of unlicensed weapons are part of the military campaign to make this island province a “gun-free society.”

“This is part of our mandate under the Martial Law to make Sulu to be free from loose firearms,” he said.

The 132 illegal firearms are on top of the 271 firearms that the military recovered and surrendered to them.

Sobejana said the firearms that will be turned over on Tuesday came from the municipalities of Parang, Pangutaran, Omar, and Talipao.

The military under the leadership of Sobejana met last month with all the mayors of the 19 towns and 410 village heads to pressure them to address the problems on loose firearms in their communities.

Last month, the Mayor of Pata Island has turned over 34 firearms.

The military has been mounting its operations against terror groups and other lawless groups.

Sobejana said one of the key solutions to address the armed conflict in the island is to reduce if not totally free the stand from loose firearms.

Darwin Wally Wee / PNA