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DOT implements 'first major' reshuffle of officials

The Department of Tourism (DOT) under Secretary Wanda Teo has implemented its "first major reshuffle" of officials at the central and regional offices.

Under Department Order No. ‎2017-101 dated December 29, 2017, at least 27 officials were reassigned and re-designated from their original posts.

In a statement, Teo explained her decision to exercise the prerogative to reassign 22 DOT directors and five officers-in-charge, was to enable them to "flourish" and get them out of their “comfort zones.”

She added that the move was also to widen their networks and to expose them to new challenges towards higher creativity and innovation.

"The reshuffle, which took effect immediately, is designed to promote managerial potentials and versatility, as well as reawaken their passion for our line of work," she said.

She said "this is just one of the steps" she would undertake to ensure that all DOT employees would be on their toes "in these critical times as the country set more ambitious targets for the coming years."

"With the vision of realizing a truly sustainable and inclusive tourism program, I believe this new challenge should propel us to yet another record-breaking year for the Philippine tourism industry," she said.

Joyce Ann L. Rocamora / PNA