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6 kids hurt in New Year revelry in San Pablo City

Six children, 6 to 13 years old, suffered minor burns due to some firecrackers that went haywire while joining the New Year revelry in the various barangays shortly after midnight Sunday here.

City chief of police Supt. Gil T. Torralba reported that three of the injured victims were rushed to the Laguna Provincial District Hospital while the three others were treated at the San Pablo City (SPC) Community General Hospital.

Torralba said the four children were injured when the “kwitis” firecrackers failed to ascend sky-high and instead exploded near them.

He said that the two other child victims suffered light burns when hit by the sparks as they were dazzled by the lighted fireworks and went nearer to the handheld-type lighted “lusis” (sparklers).

The six injured children were later sent home after their medical treatment.

Ruben E. Taningco/PNA