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Lenovo, Disney launch AR headset for new 'Star Wars' experience

Always wanting to be a Jedi?

Lenovo Philippines and Disney have launched an augmented reality (AR) device that provides full gaming experience for Star Wars fans.

Called the "Lenovo Mirage Star Wars: Jedi Challenges", the AR device would be available in Philippine stores in December. Pre-orders can be made at select Toy Kingdom branches for PHP14,999.

The AR headset, compatible with both iOS and Android, allows players to see images more vividly and enables them to move around freely as they duel opponents or direct their pawns in the battlefield.

The device comes with a lightsaber designed similarly to that of the Jedi's weapon/laser sword. Thus, gamers would get the chance to defeat the Stormtroopers (fictional soldiers in the Star Wars movie) by exhibiting their lightsaber skills.

The product also features a tracking beacon, which helps track the movement of the player.

Lenovo Philippines said it recognizes AR technology as the new "thing."

To enjoy the immersive game, users need to download the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges app first.

Since the AR headset has two built-in fisheye sensors, players can move around freely as they battle with the Stormtroopers. The tracking beacon will serve as the stable base for the headset's sensors to better detect the user's movement during the game.

The lighsaber, on the other hand, also serves as the controller and pointer. This would enable players to control actions and commands using the two-button configuration in the lighsaber.

There are multiple levels in the game. A new Star Wars character, the "Archivist", would instruct gamers about Jedi moves, to help them hone their lighsaber skills and defeat the villains.

In a statement, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media senior vice president for Games and Interactive Experiences Kyle Laughlin said the company believes that AR will usher in a new era of storytelling.

"This will also play an important role in the experiences we create for Disney's fans," Laughlin said.

Ma. Cristina Arayata / PNA