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Dinagyang tribe to perform in South Korea

Tribu Salognon, the champion of this year’s Dinagyang Festival Ati-ati competition, will perform in South Korea’s Anseong Namsadang Baudeogi Festival slated this week.

The contingent and members of the Dinagyang Foundation Inc. led by its president Ramon Cua Locsin will leave Tuesday night for South Korea to join the popular annual festival.

In exchange, the dance troupe of Anseong-i is expected to grace the 50th year of the Dinagyang Festival in January 2018. It was in 2016 when the dance troupe also performed during the Dinagyang Festival after the latter graced the Anseong-si festival in 2015.

The cultural exchange was brought about by the friendship relation signed between Iloilo City and the Anseong-si.

Locsin announced on Friday following the launching of the 2018 Dinagyang Festival that one of the highlights of the celebration is an international cultural show.

This will include the participation of Anseong Namsadang Baudeogi Festival and Kapa haka or the traditional Maori performing arts of New Zealand.

The Miss Hawaii-Philippines will perform the traditional Hawaiian dance while other dances from China and Spain will be featured.

Locsin said he will also write to the United States Embassy to invite their dance troupe.

This November, a Dinagyang tribe will join the Farmer’s Parade in Auckland, New Zealand.

“Dinagyang prides itself in evolving innovative ideas but keeping faith with traditional values. The challenge for committees is to come up with events with extraordinary presentations,” he said during the Dinagyang launching program.

Perla Lena / PNA