Interview Feature:
"Up-close with Matsuzawa Lina-san"

Matsuzawa Lina san, B21 Graduate, is now working as a permanent staff at Minami-Osawa Yugi since August 2008.

Uematsu: Four months have passed since you started working as a permanent staff. What is it like, switching from temporary to permanent staff?
Matsuzawa-san: Everyone is kind and I feel very comfortable working here. The cultural difference has lessened after becoming a permanent staff.

Uematsu: What actually changed?
Matsuzawa-san:Aside from being more responsible, I feel that a permanent staff needs to always have an alert mind. I started taking records and I am now involved in making care plans as well.

Uematsu: That’s great!! But it must have been a difficult task at the beginning. How did you manage to overcome the difficulty and get used to your new task?
Matsuzawa-san:I memorized all the terms and phrases that are regularly used in the caregiver work. I also learn from other staff by watching and copying what they are doing.

Uematsu: You must be busier than before now that you are a permanent staff. Do you still manage to look after your son?
Matsuzawa-san: Many of the staff here treasure their family, so they show deep understanding towards me. They let me have day off on weekends.

Uematsu: I suppose many staff will start working as permanent caregivers. How can they prepare for it?
Matsuzawa-san: The most important thing is the Japanese language skill, especially conversation and Kanji skills. Conversation is important because sometimes we talk to the elder’s families. We also need guts to do any work with a smile on our face.

Uematsu: I understand it’s a hard job. Please tell us the fascinating things about this job and what makes you keep going.
Matsuzawa-san: I was working as a hostess before like many other people. Since it was easy to earn money, I didn’t understand the value of my earning. But now, I do. I find my salary more precious, since it is the money I earned through courage and hard work. Also, I want to change the image in the Japanese people’s mind that all Philippine women are hostess.

Uematsu: Your strength is very encouraging. Please give a message to your caregiver friends!
Matsuzawa-san: Since the caregiver job is tough, many people with license don’t start working. They are missing their chance. You give it a try and you will be able to do it! Any work is difficult in the beginning. I’m truly satisfied with my career now. It’s a job that you can be very proud of. The confidence of having a proper job brings me many positive things and feelings. I still mange to look after my son. I believe that children grow up well when their mother works hard and does her best.


Message from Interviewer Uematsu (IPS Staff)
I truly appreciate Matsuzawa-san for sharing her story and advice with us. Matsuzawa-san and other hard working graduates always cheer me up and encourage me to work harder. Although they are very busy, they still care about me and ask me if I'm doing fine. Filipinos have a strong spirit of hospitality indeed! I want to be proud of my job just like Matsuzawa-san, so that I can share more smiles with everyone. Matsuzawa-san, thank you very much for your cooperation.

Here are the honorable caregivers who became regular employees in September.
Good luck and keep up the good work!! Make us proud of you!!!

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