Tokyo Caregiver Academy


   The popular belief that each person always has the hope to have a new life is the reason that drove International Placement Service (IPS) to establish Tokyo Caregiver Academy (TCA). The institution’s objective is to help Filipinas living in Japan to land into a new job as caregivers. Since kindness, trustworthiness, caring for others welfare are natural ways of Filipinas. They are the kind of caretakers that is so in demand not only in Japan but also all over the world today.

   The TCA curriculum’s fold is wide. Aside from the nursing skills and giving emotional and psychological support to the client, TCA also assists its graduates in finding job as soon as they finish school. At present there are many TCA graduates that are already working contentedly as professional caregivers.


   TCA training program is accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare and certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The Graduates of this program will be qualified second (2nd) grade licensed caregiver (Homon Kaigoin).

   TCA is an institution that provides education and license to those who wish to work as a Caregiver in Japan.

   Instructors of TCA are all expert medical practitioners. Filipino staffs are also around to assist and accommodate students anytime.

Basic Requirements

*Female 18 to 50
*Permanent Resident Visa, Long-term Resident Visa or Proof of Marriage to a Japanese National
*Authentic Passport Alien Registration Card
*Alien Registration Card
*5 pcs. 4 x 3 Colored ID Picture

Download Application form here ...

For inquiries please call
Toll Free 0032-6610 or 03-3552-5971 or
send E-mail at

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